Who We Are 

Excel Business Insights is focused on helping organizations get the most out of their data.

We believe good data is actionable data. Excel Business Insights allows you to make data-informed decisions.

Company Overview

Excel Business Insights offers innovative Microsoft Excel services by providing support, financial modelling, training and consultancy services, to resolve all your business problems. Excel Business Insights allows organizations to obtain in-depth insights and make data powered decisions. We deal with companies of all sizes, industries and locations.

Our Vision

Business Excel Insights was established on one simple belief. That regular business employees combined with Microsoft Excel power users can make better data-informed decisions.

Key Benefits

  • Make Better Decisions – Make data-informed decisions by extracting more useful information from your existing data.
  • Automate Repetitive Tasks – Save time and money by increasing operational efficiency, and by never doing the same task twice.
  • Reduce Human Error – By implementing controls around your data.
  • Optimize your spreadsheets –  We are familiar with 250+ formulas and functions. We offer tailored solutions to meet your needs and resolve your business problem.
  • Get Synergy – Get Microsoft Excel power users on your team, because we are better together.

Committed to customer success

  • Your goals are our goals. Our extended range of Microsoft Excel solutions ensures that we provide you with everything you need from a single provider.
  • We bring industry specific and functional level expertise to the market.
  • We provide world class support, financial modelling, training and consultancy services.
  • We partner with our customers to identify the challenges you have with your data, and  build solutions to eliminate your business problems.

How the support service works 

Step 1) Send us your spreadsheet and inform us of the problem/query you have.
Step 2) Using our expertise we work to rectify your problem.
Step 3) You enjoy your free time. Submit your request now >>.

Our History

Excel Business Insights was inspired by continually seeing start-up, small and even much larger companies only using a fraction of the functionality offered by Microsoft Excel resulting in hugely inefficient workflow and time being wasted. Therefore a Data Intelligence company was required to improve operational efficiency.