Andreessen Horowitz is a leading $4 billion Venture Capital firm they have detailed 16 Startup Metrics that are essential to your company. Based on their advice Excel Business Insights has created four awesome dashboards the Executive/SAAS, Sales, Marketing and Finance dashboard. So that you can discover new insights and make data driven decisions across your organization.

Making data driven decisions is critical to your organization, so that you can:

  • Boost ROI (Return on investment) on Marketing Campaigns
  • Crush sales targets
  • Improve financial performance

Video: The video below provides an overview of the four dashboards and provides advise on how you can use the four dashboards in your business.

Live Demonstration: You can view and interact with the four dashboards that Excel Business Insights has created. The Dashboard is located below, just click on the “view full-size workbook” icon, the icon is located on the bottom right corner of the workbook.

Free Download: You can download the four dashboards used in the video for free, just enter your email address in the opt-in box below.

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