Data Cleansing & Data Analysis

Get the insight you need into your data to be able to make actionable business decisions. 


  • Identify important and mission critical trends
  • Identify performance problems and resolve them fast
  • Get timely insights from large data sets

 Turn Data into Actionable Insights

A few ways we can help…

Data Cleansing

Find and remove duplicates values in one or multiple columns (based on single or multiple criteria) to find unique values only.

Data Reconciliation

Merge two data sets. Easily reconcile two data sets to find omitting data between the two data sets and consolidate them into one data set.

Optimizing Data and Data Set

See your data as you want it. Easily remove blank rows and unwanted characters. And split a single column into multiple columns based on either a fixed length or criteria such as a comma or line spacing. By date remove earlier duplicates, but keep the most recent duplicate value.

Sorting and Filters

Work with your data as you want it. We can rearrange your data set columns and rows in either ascending or descending order based on date or text order. Also apply filters to your data set, allowing you to drill down to get the insight you need. Also filter by a cells background colour and other custom criteria.

Data Validation

Implement controls around your spreadsheet. Get drop down menus to select from predefined values, limiting users to make any input mistakes.

Conditional Formatting Rules

Get instant visibility on what you want. Such as highlighting cells in a particular colour that are either above or below a defined value. Use data bars to view the relative size of something compared to other items on the list.

Consolidate data from multiple worksheets

Consolidate multiple worksheets into a single consolidated file, allowing you to get your data ready for data analysis.