Consulting & Financial Modelling Services

Get models built with industry experts. Use our expertise at every step of your journey.



  • Establish a Single Source of Truth
  • Get clear global and in-depth insights of all aspects of your business to make actionable decisions upon.
  • Be flexible allowing you to respond to internal and external factors.
  • Avoid re-keying of data, as inputs are predefined, as input values are pulled from a single source.

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Start your journey – Every successful project needs a blueprint. As part of our consulting service you will benefit from a true business partnership as an experienced Excel Business Insight consultant will be appointed to you to help you define your business critical needs, goals and your path to success.

Kick start you journey to success – We accelerate your journey from concept to deployment quickly. By rapid iterative development based on end-user requirements we get the right information to the people who need it.

Discover new Insights and drive innovation – Now you can unlock the hidden power of your data by identifying new opportunities to help you make data informed decisions, helping you to increase revenue, reduce costs and increase transparency.

Our Approach to Financial Modelling

Step 1) Define key outputs – Key outputs are defined, such as Financial Statements, ratios or integrative charts.

Step 2) Review the inputs – Input data needs to be identified, such as data from a trial balance or accounting system.

Step 3) Iterative model development – through successive iterations we will produce you the model you need.

Financial Modelling Services we offer

Financial Models

Get insights into the performance of any asset, portfolio, project or any other business activity. With bespoke models made just for you.

  • Financial Planning and Analysis (Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting)
  • Cash Accounting
  • Cash flow Model
  • KPI Dashboards for Sales, Marketing, Finance, Customer Service and Headcount
  • Project Reporting and Control
  • Self Billing Invoices (Broker Commission)
Custom Reports

Get Pivot Table driven reports such as Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable (Paid and Not Paid Report)

Scenario Modelling

Produce the future now. Scenario modelling goes beyond predicting the future it informs you of all the variables required to achieve the future.

Reverse Engineering inherited Spreadsheets  

Get business continuity with your spreadsheets. We can help you with the challenges around reverse engineering spreadsheets.

Redesigning existing Spreadsheets (Process flow re-engineering)

Optimize existing spreadsheets. We can rebuild flexible, appropriate, structured and transparent spreadsheets.

Restoring missing records

Overridden cells with Incorrect Data? We can restore all records on a cell by cell basis.

Sage 50 Migration and Implementation

Get Sage 50 import ready data. We can manipulate and map data into the required Sage 50 format.