Formulas & Automation

Use Formulas to Perform Common Tasks and Calculations


  • Get business critical insights – Get the insight you need fast
  • Automation – Save multiple hours on repetitive manual tasks. And never do anything twice
  • Reduce Human Error – by implementing controls around your data.

 Turn Data into Actionable Insights

A few ways we can help…

 Lookup Formulas

Easily pull/populate data from one data set to another data set, based on a unique criteria. Using Vlookup and Index & Match functions and other array formulas.

Conditional Math Functions

Perform arithmetic calculations based on a criteria. Using Sum If, Count if and other formulas.

Logic Functions

Checks if a condition is met based on a criteria and either displays a message or performs a calculation. Using If formula, If error formula and other formulas.

Arithmetic Functions

Sum values based on cell background colour, count cells, find averages, round numbers to the required decimal places, rank values based on their relative size.

Text Functions

Work with text easily. Find and extract data from any part of a cell easily. Substitute and replace existing text with new text. Combine text from several cells into a unique text string allowing other functions such as Vlookup to work more optimally. Using Mid, Replace, concatenate and other formulas.

Date Functions

Work with dates easily. Return the day, month and year of a date value. Convert dates into the required format such as DD/MM/YYYY or YYYY/MM/DD

Data Mapping Function

Find if two cells have the same value as each other. Useful when consolidating data from multiple worksheets into one worksheet.

Auditing Formula

Trace precedent and dependent cells easily to check if a formula is correct. Easily find cells that are not formula driven and check if inputted values are correct. Easily find formula driven cells and display there values. Display the file location of a workbook based on a formula.

Absolute and Relative Cell References  

Avoid copying and pasting formulas into multiple cells manually. Absolute and relative cell references allow you to create a formula once and just simply drag the formula down or across your spreadsheet. So you never need to manually adjust a formula again.