Interactive Reports & Dashboards

Get 360 degree visibility regarding all aspects of your business. 


  • Global Dashboards – At a glance get comprehensive insights of all aspects of your business.
  • Ongoing Improvements – “if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” Dashboards allow you to measure your performance throughout your business and thus improve it.
  • Drill into detail – Get close to the detail. Get clear in-depth insights of all aspects of your business.

 Turn Data into Actionable Insights

A few ways we can help…

Creating Pivot Tables

Create bespoke reports fast using Pivot Tables. A Pivot table allows you to easily calculate, summarize and explore data within a report. Also create dynamic charts (such as line and bars graphs) that change as your data changes.


See what you want, when you want it using filters. And drill into data to view the original source data. Get your report ready for senior management by grouping both columns and rows by week, month and year.


Generate bespoke reports with unlimited functionality and possibilities. Perform calculations to your Pivot table, using calculated fields you can perform a number of calculations such as calculating the percentage change from the previous month and to calculate the percentage as a total of the grand value.

Extract Data from a Pivot Table

Create custom reports with the Get Pivot Data function. Pull data from the Pivot table into a custom report, allowing you to make use of the rest of the functionality of Microsoft Excel.

Managing Pivot Tables

Easily refresh your pivot table when new data is added or changed in your source data. And remove any wanted Pivot tables.

Charts and Pivot Charts

Bring your data to life with visually rich charts. From basic line and bars to BCG matrix and waterfall charts. We can create it all.